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All you have to do is write one true sentence. 

Write the truest sentence that you know.....

Ernest Hemingway 

Submissions will re-open in 2022

Following collections of creative non-fiction inspired by Gabriel García Márquez and Jane Austen, in 2022 we will pay tribute to one of the inventors of narrative non-fiction - Ernest Hemingway.


We'll be looking for any kind of creative non-fiction inspired by the life, work and travels of Hemingway, whether that be a personal essay, a true tale, some memoir or travel writing, or an opinion piece. 

Check back in the new year for further details. 

"Unlike many novels, none of the characters or incidents in this book is imaginary. . . . The writer has attempted to write an absolutely true book to see whether the shape of a country and the pattern of a month’s action can, if truly presented, compete with a work of the imagination." Hemingway, Green Hills of Africa

Jane Austen - it's not all about Darcy...

We  Mr. Darcy as much as anyone, but what about all the other amazing Jane Austen characters? 

Show them some love with one of our 'Beyond Darcy' tote bags. 

We challenge you... download the first 50 pages of The Belfast Girl here and then see if you can stop...

Quality crafted Tote Bags in a range of sizes, celebrating our favourite Austen characters... just not Darcy, he gets enough love elsewhere. 

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